Guitar & Amplifier Repair Specialists

Repairs and upgrades for guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals and most musical instruments, electric and acoustic

Expert service and repair since 1999

As musicians ourselves, we understand the importance of having your musical instrument playing and sounding just the way you want it. That is why we aim for perfection when carrying out all our repairs and upgrades. Whilst ensuring a fast turn around time for our clients, we take our time on each individual instrument to ensure that only the very highest possible level of attention to detail is made. Our technicians have a very strict quality control process to make sure that nothing is missed before the instrument is handed back to the client.

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Speak to one of our technicians

We always try our very best to be available to speak with clients. If we are carrying out a repair, we will always get back in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.


Electronic Repairs

Our musical instrument electronic engineers are equipped with the latest in fault recognition technology to make sure that each individual issue is solved with accuracy every time.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We have the very latest ultrasonic cleaning machines and specialist ultrasound solutions to bring a sparkle to musical instrument parts. The technology uses high-frequency vibrations through cleaning solutions to break down dirt, sweat, grime, grease and other unwanted contaminants from your musical instrument parts. 

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We Repair All Brands of Guitars, Amps, Pedals and Musical Instruments

If it’s broken, we’ll fix it.

Over the past 20 years, there isn’t much we haven’t fixed. From vintage 1961 Gibson Les Paul’s through to budget instruments that just need some TLC. We have built up a vast wealth of knowledge in getting the very best out of each individual brand.

Have a Question?

We aim to please every customer. If you have a very specific requirement that you are not sure we offer, please just get in touch, if we can’t help, we will make sure that we pass you onto someone who can. We are always happy to advise on anything music related, even if it is just how to get the best settings on your amp.

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Kind words from our valued customers

Our pricing is fair and transparent

We fix, upgrade and maintain pretty much everything! Give us a call and tell us what the problem is and we will do our very best to help you. Remember, we are musicians too, we are like a brotherhood, we look out for each other.

We have three consultation/drop-off sessions per week, where you can come in and speak to a highly experienced music technician in person.

The times are as follows: