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Over the years we have always donated as much money as we possibly can to various charities. Alongside our donations as a company, we try and sell any guitars that have been donated to Morningside School of Music or Edinburgh Guitar Repair Centre once we fix them up and the funds then go to carefully selected charities. If there are any small jobs that come in that are fast and easy for us, we usually don’t charge the customer anything at all. Instead, we ask the client to make a donation of their choice in one of the charity tins at the reception.

We have a particular soft spot for animals of all kinds, and that is why our chosen charity this year is The Scottish SPCA. We will do our utmost to support their excellent work in rescuing and rehoming, sick, unwanted and abused animals. 

Please feel free to make a donation to The Scottish SPCA. We strongly recommend supporting this great charity; you would be helping those who have no voice of their own and who could really do with someone to stick up for them.